Offshore Security

The SEVs are based in Lagos and Port Harcourt. MAST and Condor have operating bases in both Lagos and Port Harcourt with 24/7 manned operations rooms and tracking and display facilities.

Security Escort Vessels

Tier One Ballistic – Damen 3307 FCS Axebow

7 armed Naval Guards – One Commander and 6 Ratings

Escort services can be provided out to 200nm from the respective FWB but must remain within the Nigerian EEZ boundary limit.

Embarked Naval Guards


5 armed Naval Guards to embark the client vessel at anchorage.

To ensure conformity to SOLAS regulations, The Naval Guards will deploy with their own (deployable) life raft.

Terminal security

Many terminals provide their own security and do not permit armed Naval Guards, however, at selected terminals 4-5 armed Naval Guards can be embarked on the client vessel to provide general security.

Coastal transit

7 armed Naval Guards to embark the client vessel at Lagos anchorage for coastal passage to PHC. On arrival at Buoy 31, the Naval Guards then disembark by launch and are repatriated back to Lagos.

 To ensure conformity to SOLAS regulations, the Naval Guards will deploy with their own (deployable) life raft.

Our Local Partner

Condor Marine is a registered and licensed Crew Management Company in its own right.  All of their crew are directly employed.

They are almost all Nigerian seafarers, carefully vetted and referenced by Condor’s DPA before they begin work and they are subject to continuous appraisal and development. 

They will typically work a rotation of one month on, one month off (depending on the vessels’ actual itinerary) and the performance.

Safety and retention figures are excellent as there is a strong core of crew who are familiar with the Damen vessels and with the Company’s Integrated Safety Management systems.

Alongside the Nigerian officers and crew, Condor also employ a number of expatriate Chief Engineers.  These are men who have served for several years onboard the same Damen Fleet (Condor Marine, formerly with Admiral Operations / SVS Offshore) and have extensive knowledge and experience of the highly technical and complex systems onboard.

All crew members are subject to random testing for drug and alcohol abuse. 

Logistic Support and Vessel Maintenance

All Condor vessels are maintained to the very highest standard and are kept ‘In Class’ through Bureau Veritas.  The Chief Engineers onboard are supported by a Technical Superintendent based in Apapa, Lagos who is an extremely experienced Damen specialist with further overwatch and technical advice by the Fleet Technical Director based in the UK and with direct links to the Damen technical support department in NL.

The vessels are serviced and maintained in strict compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions; the Planned Maintenance System (PMS) is managed

and monitored through Damen’s own on-line technical support programme.

Condor ensures that the vessels deploy with sufficient spares and consumables onboard (1st line support) for at least 30 days and for any planned/scheduled servicing or maintenance that falls due.

Condor has its own workshop and 2nd line spares facility at the home Jetty in Apapa, and a very strong network of technical and mechanical suppliers to attend to any 3rd line repair and maintenance requirements as they arise.